Overview of Projects that Met the MSP Criteria for a Rigorous Evaluation

Abt Associates conducts an annual review of the evaluations of MSP projects that are in their final year of funding. The purpose of the review is to identify projects using rigorous research methods that yield scientifically valid results. In the past seven years, 101 projects met the MSP standards for reporting on rigorous evaluations. The number of projects with rigorous evaluations has increased over time, as follows: 4 projects in Performance Period 2007 (PP07), 3 projects in PP08, 16 projects in PP09, 15 projects in PP10, 17 projects in PP11, 21 projects in PP12, 16 projects in PP13, and 9 projects in PP14. Basic information, including contact information, for these 101 projects can be found by clicking the All Projects button below. For more information on the MSP standards used to determine rigor and for practical advice on how to report on rigorous evaluations that are conducted, please click here to download a User Friendly Guide.

On this site, we have included summaries of the professional development offered in these projects and the findings from their project evaluations. We have also provided links to these projects’ evaluation reports. We hope that the projects summaries provide valuable information to the MSP community about practices that MSP projects have found to be successful, and that the evaluation reports provide useful examples of the methods projects have used to conduct evaluations that meet the MSP Program’s standards for rigor.

If you click on one of the middle 3 links below, you will find detailed summaries of the professional development offered and the evaluation findings and links to the full evaluation reports for projects that have had evaluations that have met the MSP standards for reporting on rigorous evaluations of Teacher Content Knowledge, Student Achievement, or Classroom Practices outcomes. The Summary link will take you to a separate page that includes broad descriptive information about each of the sets of projects that have met the criteria for teacher content knowledge, student achievement, or classroom practices outcomes.