Explore NSF MSPnet


The National Science Foundation also has a Math Science Partnership (MSP) program. To encourage collaboration between the ED and NSF programs, we invite you to explore NSF's website, MSPnet, which offers visitors access to many great resources and capabilities, including:

  • Search Library for papers, reports, and presentations.
  • Search Resources for tools related to assessment, evaluation, and professional development, including those posted by your fellow ED MSP members. We have already posted some resources, such as popular assessment tools for MSPs and materials recommended by MSP members at our recent regional conference.
  • Find Instruments in Knowledge Management and Dissemination (KMD) instrument database.
  • Participate in live webinars from experts in the field.
  • Learn about NSF-funded projects like Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) and the Misconception-Oriented Standards-Based Assessment Resource for Teachers (MOSART).


All of the above functions are available to guests of the site. Click here to view as a guest.


If you would like to post your own resources, join working groups, comment on articles and discussion threads, or view contact information for other MSP members, you may also sign up for an account on MSPnet, by clicking here.


MSP members have often asked us for opportunities to network with colleagues and discover new tools and assessments. We believe MSPnet can be one forum for these and other useful capabilities, and we hope you will take advantage of this resource.